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Heuristic search and combinatorial optimization are currently very active areas of research. For example, researchers investigate how to search in real-time, how to search with limited (possibly external) memory, how to solve sequences of similar search problems faster than with isolated searches, how to improve the runtime of the searches over time, how to trade-off between the runtime and memory consumption of the search and the resulting solution quality, and how to focus the searches with sophisticated heuristics such as pattern databases. Their results are published in different conferences such as IJCAI, AAAI, ICAPS, NIPS, ICRA, and IROS. The International Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS) is meant to bring these researchers together to exchange their ideas and cross-fertilize the field. Thus, in addition to seeking separate answers to questions like how to design more accurate memory-based heuristics, more I/O-efficient disk-based search algorithms, or more efficient clause-learning strategies, the symposium will stimulate thoughts on combining various techniques originated from different areas of search.

SoCS 2019 will be held in Napa, CA (USA), co-located with ICAPS 2019.

SoCS 2018 was held in Stockholm (Sweden), July 14-15, as part of the FAIM events that also include ICML, AAMAS, IJCAI and ICCBR.

SoCS 2017 was held in Pittsburgh (USA), June 16-17, directly before ICAPS 2017.

SoCS 2016 was held in Tarrytown (USA) near New York, July 6-8, directly before IJCAI 2016.

SoCS 2015 was held in Ein Gedi, the Dead Sea (Israel), June 11-13, directly after ICAPS 2015 (with a one-day overlap in Jerusalem).

SoCS 2014 was be held in Prague (Czech Republic), August 15-17, directly before ECAI 2014.

SoCS 2013 was held near Seattle (USA), July 11-13, directly before AAAI 2013.

SoCS 2012 was held in Niagara Falls (Canada), July 19-21, directly before AAAI 2011.

SoCS 2011 was co-located with SARA 2011 near Barcelona (Spain), July 15-16, directly before IJCAI 2011.

SoCS 2010 was held near Atlanta (USA), July 9-10, directly before AAAI 2010.

SoCS 2009 was co-located with SARA 2009 near Los Angeles (USA), July 8-10, directly before IJCAI 2009.

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